Let’s Find out Why Quick-Hit Slots Are so Adored

Quick-Hit Slots were invented by Bally Technologies. After the first game, Quick Hits have gained immense popularity. Bally carried on creating a few other games with identical themes, some of them being Quick-Hit Pro, Quick-Hit Black Gold, and Quick-Hit Las Vegas.

Namely, Bally Tech is famous all over the globe for its inventive gameplay and amazing opportunities for obtaining money in an amusing setting. The game features stunning graphics and outstanding soundtracks, which make the gameplay even more appealing. 

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No Deposit Bonus


No Deposit Bonus


All their slots in the Quick-Hit series are accessible on the advanced ALPHA 2 platform, which is at the moment, the most refined system in the world of online slots. The ALPHA 2 platform offers an amazing gaming experience with rapid graphics. 

Symbols that they applied are clear and include icons such as:

  • Cherry
  • 3Bar
  • 2Bar
  • 1Bar
  • Bell
  • Number 7 in black, white, and red color

Wild cards count either as any other normal symbol or as a special symbol that has its own paytable. This is yet another amazing thing about these games. The most frequent symbol that players get is the Quick Hit. And precisely this symbol allows you to have big payouts and even get the jackpot. 

quick-hit online slots

Interestingly, it doesn’t have to show up in any particular order or any specific payline. You just need to have more of them on the screen, and then, you’ll rise higher on the Quick-Hit paytable. If you want to reach the top of the ladder, you need to have nine or more of those symbols on the reels, and eventually, if you’re lucky, you’ll hit the jackpot.

How Players Can Play Quick-Hit Slot 

Characteristics Details
Minimum / Maximum Bet0.01/5
Bonus RoundsYes
Free SpinsYes

Quick-Hit Slots are based on 30 paylines and five reels. You can choose a number of paylines that you want to wager your money on. The coin values vary from one to ten cents, which makes them suitable slots for players who don’t feel too keen on losing a lot of money. They can use the maximum of 300 credits on bets on each spin on Quick-Hit Platinum Slots.

The payout is as high as 2,500 credits, which are then multiplied by your bet amount. To make this game even better, designers included bonus features so players can have an exceptional experience.

Quick Hits online version features better aesthetic as it is available in lively shades of purple and black. You can opt for coin values from one cent to 50 dollars, which is fit for both low and high rollers. In this version, players can bet up to 600 credits, which would be sufficient to nearly all high rollers. 

In the list below, we outlined the hit frequencies of symbols that can help you to win a round:

  • Black Gold Wild — around 40%
  • Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot — a bit over 50%
  • Black and White 7s — 50.2%
  • Stars and Bars — 64.85%

Bonus Rounds on Quick-Hit Slots 

In the course of playing this game, players can try their chances of hitting the progressive jackpot on a slot with five reels. If you want to know the overall prizes you can obtain when you hit the jackpot, you just have to take a look at the top corner of the screen. This progressive jackpot is internal, which implies that once you play on a particular machine, the cumulative jackpot taken into account is from that machine.

quick-hit slots

One of the reasons why this game gained popularity is because it provides fair payouts. While we are on that subject, we can tell you that players can obtain up to 7,500 credits, which are then multiplied by their coin values. Besides the possibility of getting the jackpot, players are provided with free games as well. With these offerings, Quick Hit increases players’ chances of obtaining big prizes and the jackpot as well. 

Can Players Play Quick-Hit Slots on Cellphones?

On top of everything, you can, if you want, play Quick-Hit Slots on your cellphones as well. You just need to download it from the App Store. It offers all that Vegas slots are about — fun.

For sure, you’ll be amazed by what the mobile version offers. To name a few, the quality of the gameplay is very realistic; there’s a Prize Room where you can spend your winnings; it’s easy to learn the controls; and lastly, there are a progressive jackpot and special bonus rounds among other things. 

It’s important to point out that the mobile version doesn’t have an option for playing for real money — you are just able to play for game credits. 

Bonus Games

Apart from the standard symbols, every Quick-Hit game focuses its attention on a symbol that triggers a special bonus game. This particular symbol can show up on the fourth, third, and the second reel and has to turn up on all three in order to activate the bonus game. 

Quick Hit Platinum

When you activate this bonus game, a grid of 20 fields with question marks on them will appear. Each tile randomly consists of a particular number of free games which you can obtain: 

  • 20
  • 15
  • 11
  • 10
  • 7
  • 5

You need to carry on choosing tiles until you choose three with the same number. In case you select three “11 free games” tiles prior to choosing any other, for instance, the bonus game will commence with eleven free spins.

Besides the feature of free spins, all these bonus games include a multiplier: 2x is for all games except for the “20 free games,” which have 3x. This option can provide a really big jackpot. When the bonus game spins start, there’s a possibility for a symbol to reactivate the bonus game spins.

Quick Hit Black Gold

When this bonus game is activated, you’ll see 18 tiles on the screen. The tiles you choose to select will decide which games will start. There are four possibilities: Locking Wilds, Quick Hit Fever, 3x Pays, and 2x Pays.


  • 3x Pays and 2x Pays offer a 3x or/and 2x multiplier for the “10 bonus games.”
  • Locking Wilds make any wild symbol lock into their position with the goal of winning bonus game spins. A couple of wilds locked in on the screen can make it easier to hit certain profitable winning combinations. 
  • Quick Hit Fever provides you with the possibility of obtaining a special jackpot. Apart from the added number of Quick Hit symbols on the reels, there’s an enlarged paytable. Except for the 2,500x pay for nine symbols, there’s a 7,500x for 11, and lastly, there’s a 5,000x for 10.

Quick-Hit Pro

This one is probably the most unusual feature in the Quick Hit series. The game commences with 15 free spins and corresponds with all winning combinations. 

quick-hit pro

Instead of classic Quick-Hit symbols, this bonus game features symbols that are similar to a pinball. All these pinball symbols that are showing up can be gathered and applied in the second stage of the bonus game — Prochinko.

In the game of Prochinko, which is the name made of words Pro and Pachinko, each ball is discharged, one after another, into a game like Pachinko, and they end up in a slot machine as a multiplier, maximum of 5x. All those multipliers are calculated in order to create one last multiplier, maximum of 100x, which can be used with all winnings obtained in the course of “15 free bonus game spins.”

Quick-Hit Cash Wheel 

In this bonus game, a big wheel establishes the winnings. It is going to be spun with a particular multiplier a couple of times. Firsts things first, you have to pick from 21 tiles until you find three tiles that match each other. Namely, these tiles specify the number of spins of the big wheel, a maximum of three. Also, the tiles decide on the multiplier, either 2x or 1x. 

The wheel consists of numerous small amounts, but at the same time, it has the likely results of 50,000 units and 10,000 units.

In Conclusion

Because of the amazing jackpot and the winnings from the free bonus games, Quick Hit games can have unusually high volatility for some players.

Nevertheless, this series is an ideal choice for slot fans. A range of classic games with innovative features is a thing that can keep any slot fan quite entertained. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Quick Hit Slots

How many quick-hit branded slots feature in the quick-hit slots game?

In the Quick Hit series, there are 26 slot games for players to choose from. Each game has its own specifics and options. Moreover, some of them have different numbers of reels and hit frequencies.

How do you get free money on quick-hit slots?

Every casino offers some things that can be useful to players. Those who decide to play Quick-Hit slot games will find that there is no possibility of obtaining free money. However, there are bonus games where you can get amazing winnings.

Who makes quick-hit slots?

Quick-Hit slots are developed by Bally Technologies. These slots can be played in land-based casinos and online casinos as well. This company remade already existing slots by adding better graphics and sounds to make them even more amusing.

What is the highest paying quick hit platinum symbol?

The symbol with a “wild jackpot” on it is the wild symbol. That one is the highest paying symbol but only if you get five of them on a payline. However, it’s not the one that gives out the biggest payout. It substitutes for other symbols, all but the scatters.

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  1. Do I need to have three Quick-Hit symbols lined up in the same row in order to get the jackpot?

    1. Well, I asked this question earlier, so I know the answer now. You need to have nine or more of them anywhere on the reel if you plan on hitting the jackpot.

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  2. Which symbol guarantees the best payout? There are a couple of them so I want to be sure.

    1. The symbol you are looking for is a Quick-Hit symbol. That is the most common symbol, and not only that gives the best payout, but it can get you the jackpot as well.

    1. In my opinion, the bonus game you can benefit from is the Quick-Hit Pro. those ones have multipliers that you’ll be amazed by.

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