About our Team

If you love slots as much as we do, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a team of online gambling enthusiasts, striving to deliver only the most accurate and valuable information about video slots that you can play across the US. We come from different backgrounds: business, literary arts, engineering. Yet, the pleasure of playing simple, entertaining, and rewarding games brought us together, and we decided to share with you our extensive knowledge about video slots. Most of the slot fans like us are wondering which games have the highest odds? What is the most user-friendly website? And what games are the coolest for simply having a good time? Well, we hope that we answered lots of burning questions on this site. Welcome and let’s spin those reels!

Matthew J. Howell


Raised in the rich culture of Illinois, Matthew knows just how to work hard as well as how to play hard. He always loved dealing with numbers and statistics to convert them into real earnings. That’s why it was natural for Mr. Howell to obtain the MBA diploma at Chicago Booth. After that, he rushed into the industry of online casinos in the early 2000s when this whole market was at its very beginning. Now, his mission is to help you find only high-quality fun.

Joshua A. Gray

Gambling Expert

Josh was very curious as a child. While other kids played with toys, he managed to solve the Rubik’s Cube without any help from the adults. But Maths in school was too boring. He wanted more. So Joshua went to study Cyber-Physical Systems at Vanderbilt School of Engineering in Nashville. What’s next? He tested his advanced strategies of play in real casinos and ended up being a champ in poker. Now, after winning a few million, Mr. Gray has a more relaxed lifestyle. So he agreed to help us develop a trustworthy and fun content for this new project.

Karen M. Lewis

Chief Editor

Ms. Lewis likes neat and clean writing and she herself is a master of storytelling. Meanwhile, in her free time, she’s spent hours playing slots just to have that moment of raving about a progressive jackpot win in a video slot. Karen earned a BA in Literary Arts at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She was an editor for online media resources in many fields, though, found her true calling in working for gambling websites. Lewis believes that slots are among the most profitable games and tries to educate people about playing them right.

Amy R. Cline

Content Writer

Writing and editing is an art of delivering messages that really matter – says one of our content writers, Amy R. Cline. And it’s no surprise she thinks this way because our girl majored in Communication Science at the Media School of IU Bloomington. Additionally, she played more than 300 slot games herself, so you do want to consider her recommendations when picking what slots are better and how are they different from one another.

Yasmin R. Fowler

Content Writer

Our team is used to thinking that Yasmin has an inexplicable gut feeling for when to enter online slot and win tons of coins. But Ms. Fowler believes that it’s all about a mix of good luck and rational thinking. She is proud to hold a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois. Coming from a family that always traveled a lot, the favorite sightseeing place of little Yasmin was every city where there was a big and shiny casino. Now, after a 4-year experience in playing slots online, she is ready to tell you everything about them. 

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